At the DEFY Collective, we approach every project (big or small) the same way. We assemble people from all 3 major disciplines—strategy, creative, and account to work together to split the proverbial atom of every marketing challenge. To avoid siloed thinking, that core team brainstorms, plans, and executes together from start to finish. We pride ourselves on this approach and believe it is a defining difference for us as an agency.

You may ask: doesn’t everyone do this? Well, frankly, no. In many agencies, the strategists work in a silo when reacting to a marketing challenge presented by a client. Then, account is included to create SOWs and timelines. Then, when it’s time to start executing on a project that strategy and account have presented and the client has agreed to, creative is brought in for a download. Sounds efficient. Organized. But wait! What do you do when the discussion with the entire team together turns into a spirited brainstorm and all disciplines find ideas and provocative solutions are flowing like the Colorado??  At DEFY, we start with the Colorado.

“Better Together” is our mantra. Andrea Begley, Founder and CEO of The DEFY Collective, believes deeply that every discipline is essential to bring a valid perspective to every conversation… “I started DEFY so I could assemble people I knew would be amazing thinkers. I wanted a team that could tackle any client challenge right beside me. It’s not lost on me that I have a specific set of skills. I need to bring people with different voices and expertise into every conversation to get to the most useful solutions for our clients. Our “Collective” voices are powerful.”

We are a collective of agency veterans. Why not capitalize on all that industry experience from each discipline? All of that varied knowledge undoubtedly leads us down paths we may never have gone if all voices were not involved from the beginning.

Mutual respect is key and not shooting down any ideas right away creates space for even better ideas (see our blog about brainstorming). You might be thinking…that’s a lot of “togetherness.” Do we ever disagree? Yup! Does it get us to a better place? Always!

We know it’s working. We know it’s valued. Our clients have commented on the benefits of a smart, multi-disciplinary team engaged from the very beginning and working together to see projects through completion.

Experience the DEFY Difference, give us a call. 215-990-5252.

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